Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The plane is essentially completed. The paint job is Sherwin-Williams Skyscape, a catalyst base coat - clear coat application. And it came out beautifully!

The shine is deep and the dark blue has metal flake and is gorgeous in the sunlight.

Of course, being Northern Ohio, we haven't seen much of it this spring.

The wheel pants and the cowling and tail fairings are fiberglass.

They were well made as supplied from Van's but they were loaded with pin holes and required much effort to fill and seal. The fellows at Sherwin-Williams were up to the task and did a

perfect job. They are masters at this business.

She looks great with the pants.

I purchased an iPad2 for the numerous aviation apps available. Right now my favorite app is ForeFlight. The iPad mounts well in the cockpit. I have an alternate attachment point down on the center tunnel if the high mount gets in the way.

One hiccup has been the failure of the artificial horizon on the glass panel. It required removal and shipping it back to the Washington state company. I hope to get it back within a week from now. No flying until then.

I have 23 hours on the plane now and am anxious to fly it with the new paint job. The weight increased by 40 pounds and the C.G. moved back 2.5 inches. I assume the trim requirements will now be different.

Next is concentrated flying to many airports for practice and experience prior to my hoped for Odyssey to Petaluma California.

Thanks for reading my blog. I have enjoyed building this airplane as much as anything I have done it my life. The only thing better are my three wonderful children...and my S.O....and my puppy.



Rugs and Pugs said...

Frank ~
Gorgeous paint job. Those Sherwin Williams guys sure knew what they were doing.
Get that glass panel back and start practicing!!!
I know you won't risk your puppy, but I'll go for a ride with you.
Pug hugs :)

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